Dentistry Blog for Beginners: Endodontics

Did you know that endodontic treatments are responsible for numerous procedures in patients every year to save teeth that otherwise would need to be removed? It's true, as endodontic treatments such as root canal therapies are needed to extract damage pulps in order to ensure your teeth can remain in your mouth without needing to be extracted as well. Information... read more »

Have a Tooth-Healthy Holiday

Where has the year gone? The holidays are upon us once again. This means more photos, more parties, and more pressing items on your calendar. Here are some tips for keeping your mouth merry and bright for all those holiday photos and parties. Brush and Floss: First off, remember to brush your teeth! This should happen twice a day, and... read more »

Talk to Us About Teeth Whitening

If you have looked in the mirror lately, and thought that maybe your smile could be a little brighter, let’s talk. Dr. Mark T. Morgan and his team at Pipestone Dental Center in Pipestone, Minnesota would love to help. There are any number of things that can cause your smile to dim. Colorful foods, coffee and tea can darken your... read more »