How to Maintain a Healthy Mouth and Prevent Dental Issues

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Have you been using the same toothbrush for as long as you can remember? Well, little did you know, it’s best to replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months. In order to maintain a healthy smile, you need to do certain things each day. To help you, Dr. Olson, Dr. Morgan, and our dental team are happy to give you the tips you need.

First, brush your teeth every morning and every night with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. Make sure to thoroughly scrub for two minutes and deeply clean each tooth. This can help you remove plaque and food particles from the surfaces of your teeth, which can help you prevent dental issues.

Second, floss your teeth daily. This is vital because bacteria can live and grow between your teeth. If you’re not careful, they can turn into tartar, irritate your gums, and promote gum disease. As you floss, use a product that is easy to use and be careful along the gumline.

Third, visit our office regularly for your six-month checkup. This appointment includes treatments that can help you prevent major dental issues, like cavities, enamel erosion, and periodontal disease. It can also allow our dental team to ensure the health of your smile.

Fourth, have a healthy diet. As you may already know, sugar can create cavities. So, please do your best to limit your sugar intake. For a healthy smile, eat healthy foods like raw vegetables, fruit, cheese, and yogurt. You can also produce saliva and wash bacteria away by chewing sugarless gum regularly.

If you use our recommendations, there is a chance you can have a strong and healthy smile in Pipestone, Minnesota. For more tips and information on how to take good care of your teeth and gums, please contact Pipestone Dental Center as soon as you get the chance. When you call 507-825-5403, our dentists and dental team will be happy to help you!